Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It seems I'm not the only one

So I haven't posted in awhile because there really isn't anything to say. No new updates in our life or in this process of trying to conceive. We went on birth control a few months ago and this past Sunday I had a pretty bad anxiety attack. We started doing some research and apparently lots of women have anxiety on this particular brand. We also started thinking about when I have anxiety and we realized every time I have had an anxiety attack I have been on some kind of manufactured hormone. I actually never had an anxiety attack until I was on birth control.

So the nurse says I need to come in and talk to them, and we should consider going on something like Zoloft. I'm not saying I don't need medicine for the anxiety, but I am saying that if a person never has it before being on hormones and there is a link then it pretty much explains it to me. She was also concerned because of the PCOS there is no way to regulate my cycle if we aren't trying to get pregnant without the birth control pills. Well, I'm sorry, but I am not going to take them if they cause anxiety...we will HAVE to figure something else out. I'm almost positive that there is something natural that can know like exercising and losing weight. I know that is up to me, but I am almost positive that with a little self-control and motivation I can do it.

I also have been having a lot of friends get pregnant and have babies recently. After a miscarriage in September it is harder to deal with, but I want to be happy for them...I just also want it to be me. However, it makes sense for us to have at least one job between the two of us. I'm just frustrated!

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Kate said...

I'm sorry you're having issues with your birth control! Have you tried a low-dose kind? That helped me because the higher dose ones made my depression worse. The best one I was on was loestrin. Good luck! I hope you guys find jobs soon so you can get back on the TTC train! :)