Sunday, March 7, 2010

I haven't blogged in awhile...

Obviously I haven't blogged in awhile or updated with pictures that I said I would.  I will one day.  I haven't been cooking least not anything new because frankly what I want to eat changes from moment to moment, and I frequently think about something and want to throw up just thinking about it.  Very distressing.  I am thinking that my kiddos at school who keep their hands in their mouths throughout the day are making me sick!!  It stinks. 

Okay, on to more exciting news. Paul and I have been attending Foster/Adopt training at church, and WE LOVE IT!!  We started this adventure thinking that we wanted kiddos under the age of 5 and we would take a sibling group of 3.  Over the past few weeks God has started working on our hearts!  We will admit that this is very scary to us, but we also know that God will provide us with what we need for whatever age kids He blesses us with.  With that in mind we are taking all restrictions off of what we think we want and we are going to wait for which kiddos God gives us. 

Please pray for us as we are completely unprepared and don't know what to expect at this point.  Also, we need to sell our house and have a really great realtor, but we need to replace flooring in our current house and find a great deal on a new house.

Thank you for your prayers...they are truly appreciated!

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