Saturday, September 18, 2010

A post for Joy..

The last time I made a blog post was in July. I know you are all thinking "that was so long ago she hasn't had anything to say since then?" Well, I did, but there is only one thing I wanted to post about that I had to keep a secret until recently.

I'm pregnant...with TWINS! They are fraternal for sure. We saw 2 placentas yesterday.

It is the most bizarre feeling being pregnant. It doesn't quite seem real yet even though I have all of the symptoms and have seen the babies 3 times now. I can't feel anything they are doing, and they are moving ALL OF THE TIME! The only thing that really reminds me I'm pregnant is my slightly protruding belly that has been protruding for some time now. It is slightly growing, but at times I just feel fat. Paul reminds me I'm not...I'm pregnant. Such a sweetheart!

I really have nothing else to say except I'm pregnant. We're excited, overjoyed, and overwhelmed, but BLESSED!

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