Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Growing Family

* I wrote this post a week before we lost Owen. It's so interesting to see where I was, what God was teaching me, and what God has taught me since then. Just thought I would share.

I read this blog with absolute amazement at God's faithfulness. To go back and read about the frustration and anxiety I struggled with over the past four years seems like a completely other lifetime. I look back and see path God had me on, feeling like I had just enough light for the step I was on at the time, and now I am able to see the beautiful things that He had in store for us the whole time. He was just teaching me to trust in His faithfulness along the way.

It's funny that I don't necessarily have any more light on the path ahead of me now then I did every other day I have been walking, but I have so much more hope because I took time look back and see God's faithfulness. I'm always amazed because I often forget that God has such a big plan for my life. And now I see that He has a plan for my children, and He is faithful to them already. Such a beautiful thing!

The most exciting part of this pregnancy is now my little ones have identities. They are no longer Baby A and Baby B they are Baby Girl and Baby Boy, but more than that they are Julia Ruth and Owen Paul. We know who they are!

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant, and can feel these babies like nothing else. It shocks me in class when I am teaching and I feel a little flutter. I lose my train of thought. A couple of nights ago Paul put his hand on my belly and I felt them felt like there was a wave in my stomach. So last night he did it again, and asked "Is that it?" and it was, there were babies moving for their daddy like they wanted to say hi to him! Precious and Beautiful.

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