Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Life has been so crazy! I had no idea how busy I would be with a little one at home. I feel like I never have time to get anything done. We are attending MOPS, and doing childcare at church one morning a week.

We are working really hard to get her on a sleep schedule. Dr. says that she is a big girl now and can make it through the night without waking up. That can be really hard on me. I hate to hear her cry, but I am getting to the point that I sleep through it so if she does cry Daddy gets up with her. I feel kind of bad, but most nights she wakes up at 5 AM which means she needs to eat anyway. However, we have been staying up late the last few nights...between 1 AM and 2 AM. So 5 AM is really early.

She also got sick for the 1st time with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. That made it really hard for me to let her cry at 2 AM because I knew she wasn't feeling well. We are slowly healing though and she has been a trooper through it.

So here are a few milestones:
-J is holding her own bottle (mostly) now.
-We can get her to laugh, and she has a super cute laugh. And some times it even sounds silly, and I laugh at her.
-She is sorta crawling. It started with her burying her face in the ground, sticking her her hiney in the air, and then inch worming.  Now she is actually army crawling and boy can she go! She's every where. I gotta keep an eye her!
-She is up to 16 lbs and 27 inches long.

She's a fun, gorgeous girl, and a blessing to this Mommy!  Love her!!

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