Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sewing Projects!

Paul and I did some sewing projects as gifts for my baby shower hostesses. I should preface that Paul did a lot because I was 8 months pregnant and got tired...easily. I would wake up to him sewing and saying "I just finished purse number 3." It was AWESOME! I was bummed because I wanted to make it thinking it would be more special to them if I did, but come 8 months pregnant I'm sure they were excited that I remembered to give them a gift.

I do want to say that the WONDERFULLY talented and AMAZING Beth Carroll is the reason any of this got done. I have been following her blog for awhile now, and she made this so simple for me. I was able to go on her site find tutorials, print them out, buy materials and sew. Most of the tutorials are hers, and if you want good tutorials she is the girl for you. I have tried my hand at sewing one other time. It was my freshman year in high school. I was taking Home Economics, and I aced that class every 6 weeks except one. The one where I had to sew. I never did finish that pair of shorts...

Anyway, all of the fabrics I used I bought at JoAnn's and I couldn't find any reference to who designed them. However, I did find some I loved. Enjoy these pictures!

Proof I worked: (My Grandma was a tremendous help and allowed us to bring her sewing machine to our house!!)

  Proof Paul did A LOT of the work:


Phoebe Bag:
(The Black and White one we gave to my niece who was very excited to get a big girl purse!)

Diana Hobo:
(Similar Fabrics)

Krista Aprons:

I was also blessed enough to have some things made for me as gifts for Julia, and since I have been having so many friends that are having babies I decided to sew up some things as gifts for them. These were so easy, and turned out GREAT!!

Nursing Cover: (Top: Riley Blake's Sugar and Spice Blue Sugar Paisley Bottom: Same fabric from JoAnn's, but my friend had registered for a nursing cover in this pattern...PERFECT! )

Sling: Fabric is Riley Blake's Red Sugar and Spice-Sugar Main with Red Sugar Floral

Bibs and Burp Cloth: (I used scraps from the fabric I used to make the Sling and Nursing Cover)

WOW! That's A LOT of sewing for a girl who never finished those shorts in high school. Ms. Krueger would be proud of me!

Please visit Beth's website if you ever need inspiration or tutorials! She's AWESOME!!


Beth said...

Wow! You sure sewed a lot of things and they all look really great! Thanks for the shout outs - you are way too kind! :)

Cynthia said...

Thanks Beth! And you are very welcome for the Shout outs! I couldn't have done it without you. And I will say that seeing all of your sewing really inspired me to sew! So all of my thanks to you!!