Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Four years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl I had ever laid eyes on. She was absolutely perfect, and absolutely healthy. Healthy is important because 20 weeks earlier we had lost her twin brother, Owen, with no warning and with no knowledge why.

I'm pretty sure that this sweet girl would have stayed snuggled into womb for many, many more weeks had the doctors not said that it was absolutely imperative that she come early. I know this because this sweet girl likes to stay snuggled into her bed or next to me as long as she possibly can.

This sweet girl has taught me what it means to have your heart walking around outside of your body. She has taught me what it means to always see the glass as half full (unless you don't get the coveted the princes cash register for your birthday, and then the glass is very, very empty). She has taught me to love unconditionally, to be willing to sacrifice everything for another person, and to be willing to lay my very life down for them. She has taught me what it means to love like Jesus loves us.

She is the best big sister I know. She loves Amelia with all that is in her, and then some. She forgives without being asked for forgiveness, and she offers so much grace to this mama who is trying to just keep her head above water some days.

Julia Ruth, you are truly a blessing to daddy and me. You will always be the girl who made me a mama and showed me how deep love runs. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! I love you!!

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