Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Journey

This past year has been a series of roller coasters including being diagnosed with PCOS and having a miscarriage. We took some time off from TTC so that we could heal, and the first month we tried fertility treatments again we were unsuccessful. So we have decided to not try anymore. God has really been showing me that I have made getting pregnant an idol so I am letting go!

I am so excited about beginning my first year of teaching, and I can't wait to meet my students. They are really going to become my children over this next year. So I am going to work on losing weight, getting my cholesterol and triglycerides to the best range they need to be since PCOS causes them to be higher and puts me at risk for Isulin Resistance Syndrome. So we will see where God takes us, but I am really looking for NATURAL ways to control this rather than being on more medication. I HATE MEDS!

Anyway, I am focusing on being the best aunt EVER right now, and spoiling my friends and their babies! I think that will be exteremely healing for me.

Now what to do to start spoiling these babies?!?

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