Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adoption UPDATE!! and a few other things...

Well, as I sit here watching "24" with my husband I have been checking out this new website that of friend of mine sent  All I have to say is that EVERYTHING that she has on that website looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  I want to make it all!  My friend made some cinnamon rolls for small group from this website and the cinnamon rolls were DELICIOUS!! You know they have to be good if I am using all caps right?!?!  Anyway, just check it won't be disappointed!

In other important news...if you have gone to check out my friend Beth's blog you have noticed that she sells some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING items that she makes.  She has donated some items to Craft Hope to help raise money for the people in Haiti...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check it out and see if there is anything you would like to purchase so that we can help out those who are really struggling right now.

Finally, we have decided to change Adoption Agencies.  A friend of mine had heard GREAT things about another agency, and the agency we were working with just started to make us feel like they were more interested in placing children wherever than making sure it was the BEST placement for the child.  We are now going to be working with Pathways, and will begin our training in February!

Life is busy, but is so much FUN!!!  God is doing some AMAZING things!!

Love all of you readers!!


Elizabeth said...

I love the Pioneer Woman! She was in Austin doing a book tour not long ago. . .

And thanks for referencing Craft Hope - I'm really excited about what they're doing!

Elizabeth said...

Ack, I hit enter and it posted! I was going to say, congrats again on the adoption agency - I hope that goes really well!