Saturday, April 24, 2010

Laparoscopy update

All went well on Thursday with the laparoscopy.  My body feels completely abnormal right now, but I think that is to be expected since there was so much done inside my body.

I am sore from the surgery, and my reproductive organs are sore and cramping from all that was done to them, but I think I am going to make it.  I am just taking time to rest and heal.

Here is what Dr. S.  said:
1) There was very, very mild endometriosis  on my fallopian tubes.  He lasered that off.
2) There was a lot of scar tissue from a previous surgery.  He lasered that off.  FYI, when I was born the tubes that connect my bladder to my kidneys didn't go in at an angle like they were supposed to.  They were straight up and down causing me to have bladder/kidney infections for the first several years of my life.  I had surgery to correct that right before I turned 4....hence the scar tissue.
3) He flushed my fallopian tubes with a dye to make sure they were all clear. 
4)  He lasered holes into my ovaries to help remove the cysts I have from PCOS, and to help shrink my ovaries (they are the size of my uterus and they are supposed to be smaller).
5) He gave me before and after pictures which are kind of gross and I don't really know what they are all of so I will spare you.

So after all of that, I am home, resting, Paul is being such a dear and taking care of me, and I am waiting patiently for things to return back to normal.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  Even those of you that I don't know who are praying.  I truly appreciate it!

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