Saturday, October 22, 2011

God is so good!

We decided last weekend to meet with an adoption agency this past Wednesday to start the process of adopting from Haiti. So Wednesday night came and we fell in love with the agency, and God confirmed this is the direction we should be heading.

We talked about all the different ways to finance adoption (because as you know it is EXPENSIVE), and we realized it is incredibly possible to do this. My sister had told me on Tuesday about her friend who wrote a book titled "Debt Free Adoption", and that lingered in the back of my head. Debt free...can we do this? A friend mentioned interest free loans and that sounded intriguing, but I just kept thinking about doing this whole thing debt free.

And God did something AMAZING! Paul went to pick up my seizure meds at Walgreens and called me. My first thought was "Why is he calling? Is everything okay?". Then he said to me "Did you know your meds are generic now?" "No, I didn't." Then he tells me they only cost $5!! $5!!!!! now for about 7 years now we have been paying $40 for these meds. That's A LOT of money. I had an appointment with my neurologist earlier that day, and she usually mentions stuff like that to me, and she hadn't. It was such a sweet blessing from God that we are saving $35 a month on my seizure meds now. $35 that is already in our budget that can now go to something like...ADOPTING!

God confirmed to me that Debt Free Adoption is the way He wants us to go. With something as little as $35 a month God is already providing a way to bring our children home.

On top of that, Thursday I started filling out our application. They ask for LOTS of information about finances. And we started talking about assets and liabilities. God started showing us more money that He had already provided for us to put towards our adoption. I talked to my mom, and they are going to give us money for birthdays and holidays. Now it may be $35, but God has already shown us that $35 can be A LOT and He is going to provide!

We are excited about what God is doing in our family. We're excited to see how He is going to provide so that it grows the way He has designed it to grow.

We are praying that our story will be one of hope and inspiration for those of you who have always wanted to adopt, but thought it cost too much. We want to show how God will provide for you when you are obedient to love the fatherless.

It's amazing!

Stay tuned for some ways you can jump on board and help out. One way will be through a Noonday Collection Trunk Show ( prepared to get jewelery for Christmas). Another will be through a t-shirt, and another through training and running the Chosen: Marathon for Adoption next October. God can use you in many ways to love the fatherless. We look forward to seeing how He is going to use you!

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